People We Can


WeCAN does what is needed to be done for the child and keeps challenging and pushing the envelope, while always respecting the child’s difficulties as well as his choices and interests – K and G


WeCAN is a pillar of support so far in raising our son, providing services 24/7, they work beyond the therapy center and scope. Thanks to WeCAN our son is a happy kid and we are a less stressed parents.  – A and S

WeCAN focused on life skills, social skills and communication largely to make him independent and self-driven to a great extent and have deftly introduced necessary exposure to academics and cognitive skills as well. We also benefited from workshops that are passionately conducted to help parents become better at parenting – WeCAN is by far the best decision we have made for our son and ourselves!”
– R and A

Our journey with the school has been one of total trust with them, confidence in their approach, very open and extremely proactive with parents. They firmly believe in empowering parents in the long run to bring up the children by providing assistance to them. – S and K

ABA has made learning a joyful experience for all of us.
– S and P

This beautiful journey with WeCAN has been a life changing experience.
–S and S

The inputs which I have gathered over the years will always remain as a strong pillar of support for overcoming any difficulties which life puts in front. May it be parenting or handling personal issues this place stood behind me and made me feel “WE CAN” & “WE WILL”.


Our special and sincere thanks to “WeCAN” you had made this happen! Your guidance, support, is indispensable. – S and B


Has been instrumental in making us understand the autism – because of which we celebrate our son’s presence among us, day in and day out. A million thanks to WeCAN and the whole team.
– L and L