Social Skills Group

Signature Social Skills Program:

WeCAN’s weekend social skills group program has been running from mid 2017 with the aim of working with children between ages 6 to 12 years who belong to a neurodiverse group. Some of the participants are HFA or Aspies, while others who can express social difficulties are also part of our signature Social Skills Program. It is led by our ABA therapist Swati Narayan who incorporates the principles of ACT to bring about self-awareness, social awareness using social coaching, social stories, and role play.

On a very simplistic note, this would include, greetings, initiating and sustaining conversations, making friends. On a more complex note, it would include being aware of the rules of friendships, what tone of voice to use in public/private spaces, what topics can be spoken about with whom, how much personal information to share, and body safety, sexual awareness- the list is endless.

Activities are geared towards achieving these goals through role play and visual representations. Their social and emotional development is enhanced through a group called worry circle, where they are encouraged to talk about daily stressors and inner feelings.

Our signature social skills program has been presented in both as a paper and a poster at scientific conferences within India and Internationally.

Game Zone:

Our game zone boasts of a variety of games for our learners to choose from, ranging from games that involve strategic thinking and problem solving to fun and leisure games – we are proud to stock the most recommended games for ages 5 to 16!

Drama Club:

Drama club aims at providing a fun theatrical way of expressing emotions, learning to respond in a socially appropriate manner and accepting sudden changes – using a mix of role play, games and teaching rule governed behavior.

Body Safety Education:

Our body safety education forms a core part of both our summer camp as well as our weekly social skills program. The aim of this program is to empower our learners with the skills and knowledge to lessen the likelihood of being subjected to abuse. Some of the material used in the program includes child friendly literature such as “No means No” by Jayneen Sanders. To know more about the program – follow this link Body Safety Education

Swing into Action:

Research indicates that active play and movement encourages overall social and emotional development, in addition to improving physical health in kids! We integrated movement into our Social Summer camp with our Swing into Action Zone 🏀 🏈 where our kiddos learned to navigate through a maze made of Jenga, play Hopscotch and team tag as a fun break from indoor activities !

As the page turns (Book club): 

As the page turns – is our super cool book club 📖 where we have a collection of the best and most recommended reads for our young readers! Come join in the fun as we explore adventures in Antarctica 🇦🇶 , the crayons 🖍 long road home, being stuck in a tree 🌳 and the chronicles of David 😎

Summer Social Camp:

 Dream It, Plan it, Make it Happen. This Summer at #WeCanProACT

Our summer camp is designed to meet the individual needs of every child that enrols for it.
Our summer social camp runs end of April – May. This program is led by a BCBA and an ABA therapist, supported by an Art Therapist, trained in the principles of ABA.

The group primarily focuses on learning and using social skills, and independent engagement via a variety of activities and learning zones curated by us.

Our daily schedule gives our learners many opportunities to explore and develop problem solving skills and to create friendships within a neurodiverse group.

Zones at Summer Social Camp:

Jam Zone:
Learn to play the basics of the guitar, experiment by playing a tune on the keyboard, learn an entire song. We offer both one to one jam sessions and group sessions!

Pins and Needles:
Get ready for a full closet! Our Pins and Needles zone introduces interested learners to the ins and outs of embroidery! Grab your needles and threads, it’s time to create a colorful masterpiece!

Dough Re me:
Our learners turn into culinary experts, working in small groups to whip up delicious recipes, they learn to follow written recipes, start from scratch – chop, clean, bake and serve (and of course eat!) their food craft!

House of Art:
House of Art 🖼 🎨 encourages our learners to unleash their creativity and use their imagination to bring alive their favorite characters using recycled material! The learners are allowed to explore and work with different kinds of material and tools in a bid to find what mind interest them. We have previously worked to recycle materials such as egg cartons, cardboard packaging, bottles – plastic and glass, pieces of yarn, paper towel tubes, and just about anything!