We at WeCAN believe in enabling and empowering individuals with autism and their families.

The MOST SCIENTIFICALLY validated method of intervention for individuals with autism is based on the principles of

Applied Behavior Analysis

Have you received a Diagnosis for Autism?

Reaching out: Dissemination and collaboration

ACBS –Association for Contextual Behavior Science –

Connecting Women’s voices – a 2 part experiential workshop on prosocial commited action within the ACBS community and beyond. Gita Srikanth partnered with Dr.Emily Sandoz, Dr. Aisling Leonard Curtin, Tiffany Rochester to build connections for women, gender expansive and gender non-conforming people and minority groups.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences-

CCCDN – Department of Pediatric Neurology Gita and Swati led a 2 part workshop on Redflags and early detection of autism and evidence based interventions.

Stella Maris College – Gender Center – Department of Psychology –

Swati and Gita led an experiential workshop for women who identified as LGBTQAI, and women who faced discriminated based on gender.

IMHANS – Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Department of Clinical Psychology –

Government of Kerala, Team WeCAN conducted a workshop aimed at equipping psychologists, speech language pathologists and special educators to use evidence based interventions with a focus on communication for children with ASD.

Tiruvanmalai – Sylvia Wright Foundation –

Gita and Swati provided a Multimodule workshop on the basics of applied behavior analysis and using an evidence based intervention in a semi-rural classroom setting.

Irinalkuda – National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation –

Our team conducted a 2 day workshop on addressing challenging behavior using the ABA model.

University of Calicut, Department of Psychology-

CDMRP (Central Government Funded Project) – Gita conducted a 2-day workshop at the National Conference on Applied Behavior Analysis for the post graduate students 

Common Grounds International Academy, Kozhikode –

“The future of the world is in your classroom” a workshop aimed at equipping teachers to effectively include and teach a neurodiverse classroom.

A world of difference:

The ultimate Autism Handbook for Mindful Parenting

“A world of Difference will provide valuable guidance for parents to understand the different ways autism presents in their child, to know what to do, to understand how to help their child, yet remain mindful and resilient through the process”
- Merry Barua,
Founder and Director, Action for Autism (AFA), India

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